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手机如何把人的衣服p掉 手机如何把人的衣服p掉 ,小草免费观看在线视频 小草免费观看在线视频

手机如何把人的衣服p掉 手机如何把人的衣服p掉 ,小草免费观看在线视频 小草免费观看在线视频


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About Us

Founded in 2018 by Josh Mario John, Umar Rashid, and Lane Dorsey, Master Supply Co. was born! Combining the production and manufacturing skills of Umar, the fashion stylings of Josh, and the visual branding of Lane, Master officially opened up their proverbial doors in the Winter of 2019 with their debut FW2019 Collection.

The design process was simple; we created pieces that we wanted to wear. Each piece has a spot in our closets, and that practical philosophy is what guides Master. We’re heavily influenced by our northern roots and blend that with our very own attitude and style. 

From our home base in Toronto we design all of our pieces. While the true craftsmanship and magic happens in our dedicated workshop in Sialkot, where each piece is hand cut and stitched with pride.

As a company we have opted against the use of furs and exotic leathers. All of our full grain leather is sourced ethically as a byproduct of the food industry. With a reduced environmental footprint we offer a factory direct service model, we have opted out of the use of any plastics for shipping, we use only recycled boxes, and each garment comes in a reusable garment bag.

Staying true to our hard working northern Canadian roots, there is a place for a Master jacket in everyone’s wardrobe. Be it a statement piece or something more classic, one thing is certain; we are Master and we are only getting started!