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Power to the Profession
Power to the Profession is a national collaboration that defines the early childhood education profession. It has established a Unifying Framework of recommendations on educator roles and responsibilities, aligned preparation and pathways, profession compensation, and a supportive infrastructure with shared accountability.

Consensus draft: Decision Cycle 7+8

The Power to the Profession Task Force is excited to share with you the final draft of Decision Cycle 7+8, also available in Spanish.  This document, which includes the results of public comment and engagement with the field, outlines recommendations related to a supportive infrastructure and shared accountability for the early childhood education profession.

Power to the Profession Introduction Video


Learn About This Collaboration

Educadores hispanohablantes:

Sus experiencias, perspectivas y opiniones son necesarias para avanzar esta iniciativa. Por favor, tome un momento para explorar nuestra página en español sobre Power to the Profession. Lea los documentos, compártalos con sus colegas, y luego mándenos sus relecciones vía correo electrónico a P2P@naeyc.org.

Read the Project Summary

Summary in English

One page overview of Power to the Profession.

Resumen en Español

Lea un resumen de Revalorizar la Profesión.