Applicator Training Program

Dur-A-Flex, Inc. offers the Applicator Training Program (ATP) – a comprehensive training course designed to train new installers on Dur-A-Flex flooring systems or refine the skill sets of current customers/installers.

The course is devoted to the basic properties of concrete, condition assessment and surface preparation. Sealers, primers, topcoats, application procedures and installation quality control practices are also part of the curriculum. Each course also includes Dur-A-Flex’s hybrid system training. The ATP is taught in a way that encourages conversation, real-world application questions and scenarios and is heavily focused on hands-on demos.

We offer the ATP at each of our locations across the country:

East Hartford, CT

Atlanta, GA

Roselle, IL

Ontario, CA

Interested in learning more or attending? Please fill out the form below!

Applicator Training Form
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